A toolkit for faith leaders

This toolkit was designed as a guide for religious leaders of both Christian and Islamic faiths in Nigeria as they address the challenges faced by adolescent girls on the issues of early marriage, education, reproductive health services and economic empowerment.

It is an initiative of Christian Aid Nigeria, working in partnership with Gender Awareness Trust (GAT) and Development and Peace Initiative (DPI) as part of the Collective Action for Adolescent Girls Initiative (CAAGI). CAAGI seeks to improve the choices and opportunities available to adolescent girls in Northern Nigeria to enable them reach their full potential.

The toolkit will guide faith leaders as they provide training and share messages/sermons on the accurate Christian and Islamic perspectives on issues of early marriage, education, reproductive health and economic empowerment of adolescent girls.

This toolkit was made possible through the support, hard work and contributions of the Governance and Gender team of Christian Aid Nigeria. Particular thanks go to Theresa Adah, Talatu Aliyu, Adebola Fatilewa, Mercy Okeke and the consultant, Umar Kawu for their dedication to ensuring the success of this process.

Za ka iya karanta Hausa a nan

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