Guidelines for academic authors

This document is meant as a guide to writing co-branded and co-published research reports for and with Tearfund. The main intended readership of this guide are academic authors and consultants  based in the UK, the global North or global South, who have been commissioned to undertake primary and secondary research for Tearfund with the aim of publishing the report. They may be lead authors of reports or co-authors with Tearfund staff members, based at either Tearfund headquarters or in Tearfund’s country offices. It could be used more widely across the sector as it has relevance more broadly for NGO–academic research collaborations.
This guide aims to contribute to the principles of fair and equitable research collaboration partnerships. As such, effective collaborative working during the post-research report-writing stage is an essential part of the research process itself. This guide focuses exclusively on the writing up stage of research. It has been written with the aim of making the report-writing, editing and publishing process successful, clear and enjoyable for both academic authors and NGO collaborators. Clarity of expectations in terms of responsibilities, tasks and house style will not only lead to a more effective process, but will also increase the likelihood of achieving high-quality collaborative research publications.

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