On 21st May 2020 the Alliance for the Protection of Children launched a Guide for the Prevention of Violence Against Children, developed under the leadership of Arigatou International, to support and inspire the work of faith-based organizations and communities in the area of violence prevention in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico.

The Guide focuses on three levels of violence prevention strategies and actions that faith actors can carry out. Primary prevention strategies aimed at reducing risk behaviors associated with violence in the general population; secondary prevention strategies aimed at reducing/preventing violent behavior in those most at risk, especially children on the move, children who live in areas controlled by gangs, and children who have an incarcerated parent; and tertiary prevention strategies targeting children already engaged in violence, to facilitate their re-integration and reduce the risk of recidivism.

The guide will be an instrumental tool in addressing the high levels of violence affecting children and youth in the region, such as gang violence and organized crime. The guide also underscores the work of faith communities who are actively engaged in the protection of children in the subregion.

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