A G20 Interfaith Forum Policy Brief

Draft, October 13, 2020

Trust and Accountability: towards action

Trust and accountability are vital to address the COVID-19 emergencies, for governments, religious actors, civil society leaders, and business. Imperative steps include preemptive action to assure open and honest use of funds mobilized to support health interventions and to provide urgent services to vulnerable populations. G20 leaders and religious institutions and communities can and should take concrete and transparent steps to this end.

The G20 Interfaith Forum has highlighted the importance of engaging religious actors purposefully in global anti-corruption alliances over several years, but the COVID-19 emergencies lend special urgency to the task. The 2019 recommendations from the G20 Interfaith Forum to G20 leaders urged that governance be a central theme of the 2020 G20 Summit, with specific commitments to continuing action to combat corruption and poor governance and to increase transparency, accountability, and protection for whistleblowers. This should involve partnerships to broaden tools and coalitions that address corruption and reinforce values of integrity at community, national, and global levels.

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