The Gender in Agriculture from Policy to Practice (GAPP) project is a pilot project (2013-2016) in the area of Gender in Agriculture that was implemented in nine municipalities of the department of Lempira in western Honduras. It was funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) with LWR as its partner.

Addressing on food insecurity by building the advocacy capacity of women in local public and private spaces. The objective was to test a methodology that integrates women’s leadership building with ‘masculinities’ training for men in order to increase women’s access to resources for agricultural production. LWR believed that in order to increase the participation of women in public and private spaces, it is necessary to build their capacity for advocacy and leadership, and that it is also necessary for men to understand the importance of gender equity.

Municipal level funds approved for women’s groups as a result of GAPP efforts totaled US $68,768 for 99 agricultural
projects. During GAPP, 56 rural savings and loan cooperatives also changed internal policies & practices to facilitate women’s access to financial services, surpassing the target of 45.

Learn more about the approach on LWF’s GAPP page

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