JAKARTA, INDONESIA, March 5 2014. The Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI) has issued a fatwa, or edict, requiring the country’s 200 million Muslims to take an active role in protecting threatened species including tigers, rhinos, elephants and orangutans.

The fatwa, which has been widely acclaimed in the world’s media this week, is one of the first of its kind in the world and it will be accompanied by an education programme to help communities put it into practice.

More Educational Resources – Indonesian Fatwas on Biodiversity and Forest Protection

Alliance of Religions and Conservation and The Centre for Islamic Studies, National University (UNAS) in Jakarta

Fatwa on Threatened Species:

  • An updated Islam and conservation training package created by UNAS & IFEES (Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Science)
  • An Islam and conservation guidebook  “Pelestarian Satwa Langka untuk Keseimbangan Ekosistem” (The Conservation of Endangered Species for the Ecosystem Balance). This reference book is designed as a complete guide to the fatwa for clerics. It explains basic conservation concepts and issues and relevant laws and regulations, and includes sustainable resource use guidelines and wildlife lists, with pictures of tigers, rhinos and other key threatened species. It describes the theological basis in Islam for conservation, and explains why MUI issued the fatwa
  • Jum’ah (Friday) Prayer Text for Conservation Preachers  (Dai Konservasi), entitled “Khutbah Jum’at Pelestarian Satwa Langka untuk Keseimbangan Ekosistem” (Friday Sermon: The Conservation of Endangered Species for the Ecosystem Balance). This tool supports clerics to design sermons, ceremonies and festivals that highlight conservation messages in ways that embody the key tenets of Islam, and which can be easily communicated to local rural communities. At almost 100 pages it includes sermon guidance on 12 themes, including Islamic ethics concerning animals, and Islamic perspectives on wildlife conservation and the prohibition of illegal wildlife trade and hunting
  • High resolution poster
  • Pocket-sized booklet on the fatwa

Fatwa on Forest and Peatland Fires:


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