October 2020

For over five decades, USAID has partnered and collaborated with civil society actors, of which faith-based, faith-inspired and local community organizations play a vital role towards achieving developmental goals.

Faith-based and community organizations’ invaluable programming reaches into every corner of the development sector. Often with limited resources, these groups swiftly mobilize to combat extreme hunger, equip communities with clean water and sanitation, provide critical healthcare services, educate community members of all ages, support sustainable agriculture, build resilient and democratic societies, and promote religious freedom around the world. These stories provide just a few examples of their work.


  • Page 4 “Everyone Deserves the Best” – How the Private Sector is Transforming Aid in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Page 7 Partnering with Communities for Tuberculosis Control
  • Page 9 “We Expected to Die” – How USAID Helped Contain the First Ebola Case in Goma
  • Page 15 Empowering El Salvador’s Next Generation of Medical Rehabilitation Practitioners
  • Page 17 Zambian Villagers Unite Against Malaria
  • Page 20 Healthier Horizons: Strengthening Maternal Health in Uganda
  • Page 23 Water Works: How Access to Clean Water Transforms Lives in Madagascar
  • Page 27 Standing Tall: Adoy’s Story
  • Page 29 Women Community Groups Help Break Barriers to Peace in Nigeria

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