This report presents findings from the case study submission process – one part of three of the JLI Ending Violence Against Children (EVAC) Hub scoping study. They offer evidence to support the claim that religions offer an important contribution to EVAC. The six case studies are from diverse regions and faiths includes a short concluding summary.

Case study 1 – Peace, Love, and Tolerance: Basic Messages from Islam and Christianity to Protect Children from Violence and Harmful Practices, Egypt

Case Study 2 – Learning to Live Together, El Salvador

Case Study 3 – Empowering Children as Peacebuilders, Central African Republic

Case Study 4 – Integrated Approach to Gender-Based Violence and Child Protection, Mali, Niger and Pakistan

Case Study 5 – The Butterfly Project: Listening to victims, Cambodia

Case Study 6 – Claves Christian Organisation, Uruguay


Suggested citation: Palm, S. and Colombo, F. (eds.) (2019). ‘Scoping Study on Faith actors’ involvement in the prevention, elimination and perpetuation of violence against children. Case Studies.’ Washington DC: Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities: JLI Ending Violence Against Children Hub

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