Civil society groups are working to equip Pakistani youth to counter online hate and build peace through dialogue and education. One youth-led organization, Parindey, partnered with the Organization for Educational Change (OEC) and the Indus School of Knowledge to launch “DigiSive – Together for Digital Peace,”. With support from an AHA! Project small grant, the DigiSive intervention trained a diverse group of 100 youth from across Pakistan in knowledge and skills that would enable them to be digital influencers for peace.

AHA! small grant recipients work to address specific impacts of COVID-19 in South Asia, with a focus on threats to social cohesion, the spread of hate speech and misinformation, and the pandemic’s distinctive religious and gender dimensions. This case review explores the impact and approach of one grant, highlighting lessons for peacebuilding practitioners on ways to address digital hate speech among youth in other contexts.

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