The Covid-19 pandemic is having a huge global impact on the well-being of communities. While the impact varies from country to country, millions of people have lost family members, friends or neighbours as a result of the virus. Restrictions have had significant social and economic impacts, with the vulnerable and marginalised in communities generally suffering the most.
Sickness and suffering are not what God intended for creation, so the development of Covid-19 vaccines is seen by Tearfund and many others as a breakthrough in the struggle against the disease that we can celebrate. If everyone has access to vaccination against Covid-19 this will provide a pathway to recovery from the many direct and indirect impacts of the disease.

This resource helps church leaders and Christian organisations consider how they can apply their faith in a practical way and use their influence in society to:

  • reduce misinformation and confusion
  • build a good understanding of, and trust in, the Covid-19vaccines
  • help shape and support vaccination programmes that are good for society, particularly the most vulnerable and marginalised.

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