A Compendium of Interventions in the East & Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes Region Zahra Mirghani, Joanina Karugaba, Nicholas Martin-Achard UNHCR

Chi-Chi Undie, Harriet Birungi Population Council

This document captures efforts by UNHCR and its partners in promoting community engagement in combating sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in the region. The compendium of tools reflected here is drawn from the responses of several actors to various forms of SGBV. The diversity of these efforts involves a range of demographic groups (in terms of gender and age), geographic contexts (rural, urban), and intended outcomes (SGBV prevention, response, or both). The interventions described are also at various stages of development or maturity, and varied in scope, with a few having been properly documented and assessed in humanitarian settings. A review of these approaches provides important insights, and highlights opportunities for strengthening programming. It is hoped that this compendium will enhance advocacy for further support, and lead to greater and more sustainable impact.

  • section on engaging religious leaders in FGM

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