Episcopal Relief and Development with their partners use Six Climate Resilience Participatory Learning & Action Tools with communities:

1. Transect Walk – Resource attached

The Transect Walk is a group exercise that entails walking between two points to intentionally cross or transect a community. The group explores environmental and social resources, conditions and systems by observing, asking, listening, looking and producing a transect diagram. Specific information may be collected to reveal land use practices, hazards, vulnerabilities and capacities to inform disaster mitigation and preparation plans and longer term climate resilience plans

2. Seasonal Calendar

The Seasonal Calendar is a group exercise that helps people explore and understand how ecological, social, and economic aspects of their lives and wellbeing change throughout the year. Specific variables can be used to help people explore agro-ecological and climatic variations that may better inform their own planning, decision-making and risk mitigation and disaster preparedness initiatives.

3. Power Walk

The Power Walk is a group exercise that facilitates participants to “walk” in someone else’s shoes and experience what it feels like to be powerless or powerful based on gender, occupation, education level, disability, age, health etc. and in the face of different obstacles or shocks.

4. Wellbeing Map

The Wellbeing Map is a group exercise that reveals people’s perceptions of what constitutes or depicts wellbeing. Specific wellbeing characteristics can be explored to categorize resilient households or disaster-prepared households and communities.

5. Historical Timeline

The Historical Timeline is a group exercise that chronologically lists people’s recollection of key events and changes in the history of their community.

6. People’s Map

The People’s Map is a group exercise that guides people through a pictorial recognition of the physical, natural, social, livelihood, economic and spiritual assets within their community.



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