This Call to Action lays out a series of goals and actions to achieve greater inclusion of local faith actors (LFAs) in humanitarian action. The Call to Action is informed by the rich conversations that took place before, during, and after the Forum on Localising Humanitarian Response in Sri Lanka on 16-18 October 2017, attended by over 140 humanitarian practitioners, religious leaders and local faith-based organisations from 36 countries. The Call to Action was developed collaboratively by participants at the Forum and refined by an Advocacy Working Group.

To more fully engage local faith actors in humanitarian response, we call for the following actions:

  • Goal 1. Make the case
  • Goal 2. Build mutual understanding
  • Goal 3. Educate about the role of LFAs and advocate for their inclusion
  • Goal 4: Establish coordinating mechanisms to support this action plan

Click here for the slides on the Call to Action from participants at the Forum on Localising Humanitarian Response The Role of Local Religious and Faith-Based Organisations

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