The education sector in Dadaab includes pre-school, primary, secondary, adult literacy, special education, vocational training and scholarships for tertiary education. The schools follow the Kenyan curriculum. In the three camps, there are 22 primary schools, six secondary schools, four YEP (Youth Education Pack) vocational training centres (the centre in Dadaab town is both for refugees and youth from the host community), three adult literacy centres, and three libraries.

In addition, there are six private schools following the Kenyan curriculum, as well as a number of religious schools (Madrasas and Duksis). In 2010, most of the old temporary tin can classrooms were renovated and replaced with concrete structures. Three tin can schools, Friends, Hornimo and Halane, in Ifo Camp have not been renovated due to their location in the flood zone where the population are to be moved. All the schools are heavily congested and there is an urgent need for more schools/ classrooms.

Due to the recent refugee influx and relocation from the outskirts of the camps, new temporary schools have been put up to give the children an immediate protective learning environment. These structures will later be replaced by more permanent structures. In Ifo 2, two new primary schools have been finalized by DRC and NRC and handed over. Already 1,200 pupils are enrolled in the recently opened school building.

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