Adyan Foundation, Lebanon

How this represents an international-local faith partnership in Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL): An international secular donor & partnerships with local Muslim, Christian, and Druze faith leaders in Lebanon.

Adyan is a foundation for diversity, solidarity, and human dignity. Registered as an NGO in Lebanon, Adyan works locally, regionally, and internationally for pluralism, inclusive citizenship, community resilience, and spiritual solidarity through home-grown solutions in education, media, policy, and intercultural and interreligious relations.

Adyan launched the Forum for Religious Social Responsibility (FRSR) in March 2019. The Forum, which is funded by the British Embassy in Lebanon, creates a platform for over 100 influential religious leaders and activists from Sunni, Shia, Christian, and Druze backgrounds.

MEAL activities were embedded into the project’s design from the very beginning. The MEAL plan incorporates multiple qualitative and quantitative monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tools, including quarterly surveys, focus groups, stories of change, and an impact study of the Taadudiya online platform.

Click here for the Compendium of Good Practices on Conducting MEAL and Faith

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