As religious actors and networks of faith-based organizations, we are called to work together for gender equality and justice, amid global changes, rising nationalism, and conflict. We are living in changing global, regional, and national environments. As COVID-19 spreads around our world, countries, communities and individuals face increasing challenges. During the COVID-19 pandemic,many faith actors are at the forefront of the design, delivery, and implementation of a gender sensitive and holistic response based on accurate information. While also practicing social distancing,and adhering to health ministry guidelines. This urgent time calls for responsive action based on love, dignity and justice.

The COVID-19 crisis does not operate in a vacuum and, as a result, COVID-19 increases pre-existing inequalities. Women and girls are experiencing intersecting injustices in political, social and economic spheres. Faith in Beijing is a collective of religious actors and networks, who are calling upon governments, faith based actors and civil society, for strong responses to COVID-19 that put gender justice at the centre.

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