Cadena is a Jewish non-profit in Mexico that works to reduce the impact of natural disasters in vulnerable communities. The organization works in Mexico, Miami, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Israel, Argentina and South Africa. a

Cadena has a few places only focusing on educational programs such as
  • San Diego CA, Philadelphia, PA and Houston, TX USA; Pennsylvania- USA;
  • Cancun and Los Cabos, Mexico; Bogota, Colombia; Caracas,Venezuela
Future offices planned: Brazil, Canada

Cadena developed 10 years ago, as a result of the hurricane Stan affecting the state of Chiapas in Mexico. Five friends from Mexico City wanted to not only send food via the Red Cross, but they themselves wanted to go deliver the food. They decided risk going to Chiapas to give the food and products to the people that needed them the most. When they arrived, they saw that the most needed people did not always get what they needed. And these friends were able to distribute what we send from hand to hand. Still today, that their work with the most vulnerable communities without intermediaries.

Faith Affiliation: Jewish

Inspired by Jewish principles such as, Tikún olam. This literally translate as “to repair the world.”  Cadena acknowledges that we came to make the world a better place, and to extend our hand to those who need it the most. Cadena also works with many other faiths

Key Facts: Cadena is currently expanding on an international level. They have an office in Guatemala, and various in the USA. They are about to open a couple of offices in Panama, Chile, Argentina, and Israel.With the help of various employees and volunteers, Cadena is able to aid 8 different countries.

Key programs

  • Disaster prevention. With disaster prevention, CADENA has a team of volunteers that will respond to disasters through Mexico, as well as the world, to assess post-disaster. The Mexico City office will then gather all of the supplies and resources needed, and find volunteers take address needs in the disaster zone directly.
  • Education. In the area of education, we work with various projects that include summer camps for elementary school children, high school volunteer committees, and natural disasters and innovation contests.
  • Resilience. Our work currently in this area currently supports a sustainable house in Oaxaca, where volunteers from all around the world come to help the community become more resilient.


Interview with Director of CADENA, Tania Charabati

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