JLI MEAL Hub: Impact of COVID on Organizations’ MEAL Work

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About JLI

An international collaboration on evidence for faith actors’ activities, contributions, and challenges to achieving humanitarian and development goals. Founded in 2012, JLI came together with a single shared conviction: there is an urgent need to build our collective understanding, through evidence, of faith actors in humanitarianism and development.

August 25, 2021, discussion amongst the MEAL Hub members on the impact of COVID on organizations’ MEAL work.
The following points were discussed:
  • Accounting for COVID’s impacts – many organizations seek to assess the impact of their work as a part of MEAL … but how have organizations adjusted their approaches, understanding that the pandemic has had the most significant impact on people’s lives?
  • Faith actors – for those that specifically work with LFAs, how have they seen their LFA partners pivot in the pandemic, and how has that impacted MEAL efforts?
  • Faith and MEAL – for those looking to understand the intersection of faith and their work, what have they learned about the role of faith in their work since the pandemic began?

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