View 28 Too Many’s latest report here. Below is a brief description of the report.


On Saturday 17th May, a nine year old Sierra Leonean girl died from female genital mutilation (FGMSL Report Flyer). This case is unusual but only in that it was made public and reported. Despite being widespread in Sierra Leone FGM is shrouded in secrecy and rarely openly discussed.

28 Too Many’s new report “Country Profile: FGM in Sierra Leone” shines a light on this secretive practice and shows that there has been a slight fall in the prevalence rate of FGM in Sierra Leone from 2008 to 2013 but it remains very high and approximately 89% of women and girls have been cut.

This new report provides consolidated and objective information on FGM in Sierra Leone and on efforts to end the practice. It is available as a free resource on



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