On 14th December 2015, UNAIDS hosted the first of a series of Webinars on Faith-based organization responses to HIV.

The Webinar took, as a springboard for discussion, two papers from the recently released Lancet Special Edition on Faith and Health Care. The papers can be downloaded from the following link for educational purposes if you register as a guest in the top right hand corner of the page: http://www.thelancet.com/series/faith-based-health-care. Links to the two papers are also below.

Additionally, a Call-to-Action by religious leaders in support of the fast track agenda towards ending the AIDS epidemic was spotlighted in the Webinar. Please visit the following link to read and sign the Call-to-Action: https://jliflc.com/?p=33651

Following a presentation of each Lancet paper by the lead author through the lens of HIV, two panelists presented research, or examples of recent work responding to issues raised in the paper. After each round of presentations there was time for discussion.

Please refer to the power point presentations below because during the webinar due to a technical hitch, the PowerPoint for Dr Jill Olivier did not appear during her presentation.

The Webinar was moderated by Sally Smith, Community Mobilization Senior Adviser at UNAIDS. Speaker biographies can be accessed by clicking on each person’s photograph below.

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Sally Smith
  • Independent Consultant
Chris Collins
  • Chief, Community Mobilization Division, Geneva
  • UNAIDS- United Nations Programme on AIDS
Jill Olivier
  • Assoc Professor: Senior Lecturer and Research Coordinator
  • International Religious Health Assets Programme (IRHAP) at University of Capetown
John Blevins
  • Acting Director and Associate Research Professor
  • Interfaith Health Program - Emory University
Andrew Tomkins
  • Professor of International Child Health
Hairudin Masnin
  • Country Manager, Malaysia
  • UNAIDS- United Nations Programme on AIDS
Francesca Merico
  • HIV Campaign Coordinator
Nyambura Njoroge
  • Programme Executive
  • World Council of Churches