The opening session of the “Religion & Sustainable Development: Building Partnerships to End Extreme Poverty” conference and the launch of The Lancet series on Faith-based Health Care will be held on July 7, 4:00-6:00 pm. The event will begin with an opening panel from the co-hosts of the Religion & Sustainable Development Conference, followed by The Lancet Series Launch Event. A reception will be held after the event.

On July 7, The Lancet will publish a Series of papers that examines the potential of faith-based organizations to improve health outcomes. The Lancet Series, supported by Capital for Good, combines evidence, insights, and experiences of authors from several countries and denominations, academic institutions, and non-governmental organizations. The three key papers focus on the magnitude of faith-based health care in Africa, controversies associated with such care, and recommended steps to forge stronger partnerships between public sector and faith groups for improved health outcomes. Faith-based organizations deliver a substantial volume of health care and their common visions of stewardship, inclusiveness, and justice make many such organizations ideal partners for delivering the sustainable development goals.

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Welcome Panel by Co-Hosts

Matthew Frost
  • Director of PilgrimWay
  • PilgrimWay
Adam Taylor
  • Executive Director
Martin Mauthe-Kaeter
  • Deputy Head of Policy Division
Phil Stevens
  • Adviser to the UK Executive Director, World Bank Group
Andreas Hipple
  • Senior Program Advisor
Azza Karam
  • Secretary General
  • Religions for Peace
Charles Owubah
  • Evidence & Learning, Partnership Leader
  • World Vision International

Paper: "Understanding the roles of faith-based healthcare providers in Africa"

Jill Olivier
  • Assoc Professor: Senior Lecturer and Research Coordinator
  • International Religious Health Assets Programme (IRHAP) at University of Capetown
Katherine Marshall
  • Senior Fellow, Executive Director
  • World Faiths Development Dialogue (WFDD)

Paper: "Towards stronger partnerships between public sector and faith groups for improved health"

Jean Duff
  • Senior Advisor and Former President of JLI
  • Partnership for Faith & Development
Warren Buckingham III
  • Founder & Principal
Azza Karam
  • Secretary General
  • Religions for Peace