Religions for Peace (RfP) advances common action among the world’s religious communities for Peace. It is the world’s largest and most representative multi-religious coalition with its affiliated interreligious councils in over 90 countries in six continents. Founded in 1970, RfP works through these interreligious councils and its women of faith and youth networks at national, regional and international levels to transform conflict, promote just and harmonious societies, advance human development and protect the earth. RfP is committed to leading efforts to advance effective multi-religious cooperation for peace on global, regional, national and local levels while ensuring that the religious communities organized on these same levels assume and exercise appropriate leadership and ownership of these efforts.

Multi-religious cooperation for Peace is the hallmark of RfP. This cooperation includes but also goes beyond dialogue and bears fruit in common concrete action. Through RfP, diverse religious communities discern “deeply held and widely shared” moral concerns, and translates these shared moral concerns into concrete multi-religious action.

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