Paths2people is a concept born out of the need for people to come together regardless of their nationalities, ethnicity and faith, on issues of common interest for the benefit of serving humanity. It is an independent consultancy to facilitate dialogue and activities on conflict prevention, reconciliation, peace-building, inclusive nation-building and citizenship. They help organizations—large and small—capitalize on sustainability as an opportunity to generate social, environmental and economic prosperity, in tandem. Our work will also help to provide a basis for a greater understanding between people of different faiths in building an aware community in which all can participate. We work in a culturally sensitive, multidisciplinary way to provide research, training, advice and guidance to influence the challenges faced by communities and we aim to improve the life choices of individuals.

Faith Affiliation: Tearfund is an interfaith organization.

Vision: P2P consulting will work to ensure the business of true value creation for companies, civil society and governments.

Key Facts: Tearfund is able to aid 100 countries.

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