IIPC is a nonprofit devoted to safeguarding the sanctity and dignity of human life and facilitating the actualization of its fullest potential, by employing religious diplomacy and working with religious and traditional leaders in various communities. IIPC hopes to be an agent of change, fostering an environment of tolerance, respect, and understanding among people of all faiths, providing a forum for moderate voices to be heard so as to improve cultural literacy as a means of promoting co-existence between peoples, communities and societies holding different spiritual and secular values. IIPC is founded on the realization that global coexistence is being threatened by gross mistrust and differences between entrenched traditional values, mostly defined by different spiritual beliefs and practices, and modern secular leanings.

Faith Affiliation: Interfaith

Mission: Facilitating Compassionate Coexistence by promoting the Sanctity and Dignity of Life through Religious Diplomacy

Vision: “Compassionate Coexistence.” Their dream is to see a world where living together in harmony among people of all orientation, and between them and their natural environment, is the rule rather than the exception.


IIPC Advocacy Framework

Religious Diplomacy-based Advocacy Framework for facilitating summits and conferences, capacity building, and research and education. The IIPC advocacy framework is designed to support FBOs and CSOs working with community faith leaders, who have access to, influence over, and trust of their people, to effect behavior change.

IIPC’s advocacy approach is based on Maqasid Al-Shari’ah and Fiqh-ul-Ihya using Religious Diplomacy to improve the interpretation and understanding of the religious texts within contexts. It ties religion to the Sanctity and Dignity of Life issues in areas related to education, governance, health and socio-economic development.

The IIPC Advocacy Framework consist of the following:

1. Religious Model: The Islamic Jurisprudence of Life model highlights 4 principles of the preservation, promotion and development of Property, Intellect, Religion and Progeny, which provide support to a 5th and central principle, of the preservation, promotion and development of the Sanctity and Dignity of Life.

2. Development Model: IIPC advocates a holistic, comprehensive and balanced development scorecard with four perspectives of Material, Intellectual, Spiritual, and Socio-political development, which together contribute to a Quality of Life development index.

3. Intervention Domains: IIPC has four service domains of Development, Education, Governance and Health, which again support the Quality of Life index.

4. Finally, the SDGs are mapped on to the framework.


IIPC Activities

  • Convening: Facilitate and organize events in form of summits and conferences to create understanding and possibilities.
  • Capacity building: Partnerships development; Organizational capacity development; and Training workshops and courses to create capacity for action.
  • Educational Services: Resources Toolkits; research on narratives development; Publications; and online resources centers.
  • Consultancy: IIPC provides a unique offering and solutions for engagement, capacity building and empowering both religious leaders and CSOs in NGOs, donors, governments and private sector through religious diplomacy consultancy services.
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