9-13 December 2019

Local faith actors and religious leaders with UNICEF Niger, Religions for Peace and the Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities convened the Niger WorkRock of the Faith and Positive Change for Children Global Initiative on Social Behavior Change (FPCC). The FPCC global initiative aims to build a new form of partnership between UNICEF and faith-based actors, enabling them to work together in a more effective, systemic, and scalable way to bring sustained impact in children’s lives.






Participants met for five days focused on a new way of working with UNICEF and local faith actors and religious leaders. The meeting resulted in the development of a Journey of Change from their experiences and learning.

Participants identified areas for advocacy including educational opportunities for children, protection issues, access to basic social services that include healthcare, nutrition and water, hygiene and sanitation services. At the end of the WorkRock, participants developed a closing statement and action plan (see below in the resources section)