Name Affiliation Title
Alastair Ager Alastair Ager Institute for Global Health and Development at Queen Margaret University Adjunct Professor of Population and Family Health - Columbia University and Director
Abu Bakarr-Conteh Abu Bakarr-Conteh Attendees President
Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN) Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN) Attendees
Anuradha Gupta Anuradha Gupta Attendees Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Ajit Hazra Ajit Hazra Attendees Director, Faith and Development in the Asia and Pacific Region
Andreas Hipple Andreas Hipple Attendees Senior Program Advisor
Azim Lakhani Azim Lakhani Attendees Volunteer Senior Leader
Abagail Nelson Abagail Nelson Episcopal Relief & Development Senior Vice President of Programs
Arif Khan Arif Khan Attendees Partnership Coordinator
Adam Taylor Adam Taylor Attendees Executive Director
Alex Thier Alex Thier Attendees Assistant Administrator, Policy, Planning, Learning (PPL) Bureau
Andrew Tomkins Andrew Tomkins Attendees Professor of International Child Health
Aleem Walji Aleem Walji Attendees Chief Innovation Advisor
Bertrand Badré Bertrand Badré World Bank Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer
Avatar Becky Castle Attendees Principal Consultant
Bruce Compton Bruce Compton Catholic Health Association of the United States Senior Director, International Outreach
Bani Dugal Bani Dugal Attendees Principal Representative
Benoit Kalasa Benoit Kalasa Attendees Director, Technical Division
Bernard Ntahoturi Bernard Ntahoturi Attendees Archbishop
Bill O'Keefe Bill O'Keefe Attendees Vice President
Babatunde Osotimehin Babatunde Osotimehin Attendees Senior Director
Bruce Wilkinson Bruce Wilkinson Catholic Medical Mission Board President & CEO
Caterina Bain Caterina Bain Attendees Executive Director
Chris Beyrer Chris Beyrer Attendees Professor of Epidemiology
Cristina Bisson Cristina Bisson Attendees Consultant, Advocacy and Public Policy
Chris Collins Chris Collins UNAIDS- United Nations Programme on AIDS Chief, Community Mobilization Division, Geneva
Christo Greyling Rev Christo Greyling World Vision International Senior Director Faith- Advocacy and External Engagement
Christopher Simoonga Christopher Simoonga Attendees Director, Policy and Planning
Christina Tobias-Nahi Christina Tobias-Nahi Attendees Director of Public Affairs
Chris Toews Chris Toews Attendees Deputy Director of International Projects
David Adams David Adams Attendees Vice President for Missions
Diana Arango Diana Arango World Bank Senior Gender-based Violence and Development Specialist
Dinis Matsolo Dinis Matsolo Attendees Bishop
David Ponet David Ponet Attendees Partnerships Specialist
David Robinson David Robinson Attendees Senior Advisor Global Operations/Ebola Response Manager
David Saperstein David Saperstein Attendees Ambassador
Daniel Speckhard Daniel Speckhard Attendees President and CEO
David Sutherland David Sutherland Attendees Chair of the Board
Dietrich Werner Dietrich Werner Attendees Senior Theological Advisor
Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh University College London Reader in Human Geography and Co-Director of the Migration Research Unit
Elisabet Le Roux Elisabet Le Roux The Unit for Religion and Development Research (URDR) Research Director
Edward Mills Edward Mills Attendees Founding Partner
Elias Szczytnicki Elias Szczytnicki Attendees Secretary General and Regional Director
Filipe Adolf Filipe Adolf Attendees Pastor
Frank Dimmock Frank Dimmock Attendees World Mission Catalyst: Addressing the Root Causes of Global Poverty
Francesca Merico Francesca Merico Attendees HIV Campaign Coordinator
Freddie Ssengooba Freddie Ssengooba Attendees Associate Professor
Gary Henderson Gary Henderson Attendees Executive Director Global Health Initiative
Gwen Hines Gwen Hines Attendees Executive Director
Avatar Hairudin Masnin UNAIDS- United Nations Programme on AIDS Country Manager, Malaysia
Ida Kaastra-Mutoigo Ida Kaastra-Mutoigo World Renew Executive Director
Idit Lev Idit Lev Attendees Director of Social and Economic Justice Programs
Mohamed Magid Mohamed Magid Attendees Chairman; Imam at the ADAMS Center
Islamic Relief Worldwide Islamic Relief Worldwide Attendees
Joshua Davis Joshua Davis Attendees Program Officer
Jessica Kritz Jessica Kritz Attendees Assistant Professor
Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities Attendees
Joanne Ronalds Joanne Ronalds Attendees First Secretary for Governance
Jim Yong Kim Jim Yong Kim World Bank President
Avatar Katherine Van Story Attendees
Avatar Katy Dwyer Attendees President
Karin Kortmann Karin Kortmann Attendees Head of Unit, Good Governance Issues
Kenneth Mtata Kenneth Mtata Attendees Study Secretary for Lutheran Theology and Practice
Khama Rogo Khama Rogo Attendees Lead Health Specialist/Head, Health in Africa Initiative
Karen Sichali-Sichinga Karen Sichali-Sichinga Attendees Executive Director
Khushwant Singh Khushwant Singh Attendees Advisor Sector Programme Values, Religion and Development
Katie Taylor Katie Taylor Attendees Deputy Assistant Administrator, Bureau for Global Health
Liza Barrie Liza Barrie Attendees Chief, Civil Society Partnerships
Lindsay Coates Lindsay Coates Attendees Executive Vice President
Liz Grant Liz Grant The University of Edinburgh Assistant Principal
Leith Greenslade Leith Greenslade Attendees Vice Chair
Linda Hogan Linda Hogan Attendees Vice-Provost, Professor of Ecumenics
Luiz Loures Luiz Loures Attendees Deputy Executive Director of Programme of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations
Lucy Salek Lucy Salek Attendees Consultant
Laura Vargas Laura Vargas Attendees Executive Secretary
Malteser International Malteser International Attendees
Milton Amayun Milton Amayun Attendees Senior Advisor, Public Sector Funding
Mohammad Mohammadi Araghi Mohammad Mohammadi Araghi Attendees Under Secretary General of International Affiars and International Humanitarian Law
Michele Broemmelsiek Michele Broemmelsiek Attendees Vice President, Overseas Operations
Matthew Carter Matthew Carter Attendees Humanitarian Director and Head of Emergency Response
Matthew Frost Matthew Frost PilgrimWay Director of PilgrimWay
Manu Gupta Manu Gupta Attendees Chairperson
Avatar Michael Attendees
Michael Leavell Michael Leavell Attendees Analyst
Mamadou Lamine Sakho Mamadou Lamine Sakho UNAIDS- United Nations Programme on AIDS Country Director
Avatar Mohamed Abu-El-Magd Attendees Founder & Board Member
Martin Mauthe-Kaeter Martin Mauthe-Kaeter Attendees Deputy Head of Policy Division
Mousumi Sarangi Mousumi Sarangi Attendees Program Manager
Michel Veuthey Michel Veuthey Attendees Vice President of the International Institute of Humanitarian Law, Professor of International Law, Webster University, Geneva
Mark Webster Mark Webster ADRA Australia Chief Executive Officer
Avatar Mirjam Verwijs Attendees Program Coordinator East Africa
Michele Wymer Michele Wymer Attendees Partner
Nahuel Arenas Nahuel Arenas Attendees Director of Humanitarian Programs & Policy
Naser Haghamed Naser Haghamed Attendees Chief Executive Officer
Nicole Klingen Nicole Klingen Attendees Practice Manager
Natashya Lalani Natashya Lalani Attendees Engagement Manager
Nicta Lubaale Makiika Nicta Lubaale Makiika Organization of African Instituted Churches General Secretary
Omayma El Ella Omayma El Ella Attendees Policy and Research Officer
Paul Cadario Paul Cadario Attendees Distinguished Senior Fellow in Global Innovation
Phil Stevens Phil Stevens Attendees Adviser to the UK Executive Director, World Bank Group
Philemon Yugi Philemon Yugi Attendees Senior Lecturer
Religions for Peace Religions for Peace Attendees
Richard Fee Richard Fee Attendees General Secretary
Renier Koegelenberg Renier Koegelenberg Attendees Executive Director
R.Scott Appleby R.Scott Appleby Attendees Marilyn Keough Dean
Rishiwant Singh Rishiwant Singh Attendees Asia-Pacific Humanitarian Relief Director
Robert Vitillo Robert Vitillo Attendees Head of the Caritas Internationalis Delegation to the UN in Geneva, Special Advisor on Health and HIV
Sharif Aly Sharif Aly Attendees Advocacy Council
Svein Baera Svein Baera Attendees Director
Susan Barnett Susan Barnett Attendees Founder
Stephan Bauman Stephan Bauman Attendees President and CEO
Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati Attendees Secretary-General
Shaun Casey Shaun Casey Attendees Special Representative for Religion and Global Affairs
Sarla Chand Sarla Chand Attendees Technical Consultant
Siddharth Chatterjee Siddharth Chatterjee Attendees Representative for Kenya
Swami Chidanand Saraswati Swami Chidanand Saraswati Attendees Co-Founder & Chairman
Shatha Elnakib Shatha Elnakib Attendees Program Officer
Susan Hayward Susan Hayward Attendees Interim Director
Avatar Shepherd Smith Attendees President
Avatar Sara Jackson-Han Attendees Communications Team Lead, Gender
Santa Johnson Santa Johnson Attendees Executive Director
Soka Gakkai International Soka Gakkai International Attendees
Sunday Onuoha Sunday Onuoha Attendees Executive Director
Samuel Orach Samuel Orach Attendees Executive Secretary
Susan Parry Susan Parry Attendees Programme Executive
Shelly Pitterman Shelly Pitterman Attendees Regional Representative
Shreelata Rao Seshadri Shreelata Rao Seshadri Attendees Professor
Sandra Thurman Sandra Thurman Attendees Chief Strategy Officer
Sam Worthington Sam Worthington Attendees President & CEO
Timothy Evans Timothy Evans Attendees Senior Director
Ted Karpf Ted Karpf Attendees Adjunct Professor
Thomas Silberhorn Thomas Silberhorn Attendees Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development
Thomas Staal Thomas Staal Attendees Assistant Administrator, Bureau for Democracy, Conflict & Humanitarian Assistance
Tom Walsh Tom Walsh Attendees Senior Program Officer, Global Policy & Advocacy
Valentine Gitoho Valentine Gitoho Attendees Executive Director
Veena O'Sullivan Veena O'Sullivan Tearfund Head of Thematic Support
Warren Buckingham III Warren Buckingham III Attendees Founder & Principal
William Clemmer William Clemmer Attendees Country Director/Technical Advisor
World Evangelical Alliance World Evangelical Alliance Attendees
World Vision International World Vision International Attendees
William Summerskill William Summerskill Attendees Senior Executive Editor
William Vendley William Vendley Religions for Peace Secretary General
Zainab Bangura Zainab Bangura Attendees USG & SRSG on Sexual Violence in Conflict