Islam and Good Governance Workshop in Bergen Norway

Invitation from Rob Gleave to be a part of a project which looks at how Islamic law has developed in the recent past, and how it might develop in the future (

The workshop will take place at the University of Bergen, Norway on how Islam can contribute to good governance globally, particularly in the Muslim world. The workshop is titled “Maslaha, Siyasa and Good Governance: Shari’a and Society” and will take place 19th-20th April 2018. They have a space for an interested practitioner to attend and contribute. Someone who has been working on how the Muslim faith can contribute to good governance would be ideal, perhaps with a specific country experience. The workshop will include explorations of how the Muslim theological and legal resources can be used to contribute to improvements in governance. They cover travel and accommodation expenses – if you are interest, please do contact him: Rob Gleave ([email protected]) to discuss further.

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