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Keeping Faith in Faith Leaders
Published: 2019 Author:Emma Bridger and Dr Jo Sadgrove
Towards a Shared Sustainable Future, the Role of Religion, Values and Ethics
Published: 2018 Author:The Amity Foundation, Edited by Zhuo Xinping, Qiu Zhonghui, Philip L. Wickeri and Theresa Carino
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Published: 2019 Author:Shofiqur Rahman Chowdhury and Haris Abd Wahab
Faith in Action – the role of faith leaders in humanitarian action
Published: 2017 Author:Danish Aziz
Faith Action for Children on the Move, Global Partners Forum
Published: 2018 Author:Faith Action for Children on the Move
JLI Refugee Global Compact Dec 18 Presentation
Published: 2018
Faith Action for Children on the Move Action Plan
Published: 2018
Religious Contributions for a Dignified Future – G20 Interfaith Forum, Buenos Aires
Published: 2018 Author:G20 Interfaith Forum
Celebrating Families: A Journey Together
Published: 2017
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Published: 2017
End Trafficking in Persons Programme
Published: 2017
Assessing the Impact of Faith: A methodological contribution
Published: 2010 Author:Anna Aiken, INTRAC
Promoting Fair and Equitable Research Partnerships to Respond to Global Challenges
Published: 2018 Author:Rethinking Research Collaborative
Engaging Faith Actors on Gender-Based Violence (GBV)
Published: 2018
JLI GBV Hub Meeting Sept 27
Published: 2018
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Published: 2018
Facilitator’s Manual for Provincial Coordinators and Religious Leaders – Talking with Families about Malaria Portuguese
Published: 2010 Author:PIRCOM Programa Inter-Religioso Contra a Malaria, USAID and C-Change Communication for Change
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Published: 2018 Author:Wendy Ager, Michael French, Atallah Fitzgibbon, Alastair Ager
Side by Side Advocacy Briefing The Role of Faith Leaders in Achieving Gender Justice
Published: 2018 Author:Solène Brabant, Regional GBV Advocacy Officer, Norwegian Church Aid Jenny Brown, Church Advocacy Advisor, Christian Aid and Side by Side Advocacy Chair
Faith-based approach to implementation of the Global Compact on Refugees
Published: 2018 Author:ACT Alliance, Catholic Relief Services, Jesuit Refugee Service/USA and Islamic Relief
Missionary Responses to Ebola Virus Crises- Misean Cara
Published: 2018 Author:Misean Cara
Misean Cara Brief Missionary Approach to Development Interventions
Published: 2018 Author:Misean Cara
Misean Cara Missionary Approach to Development Interventions (MADI)
Published: 2018 Author:Misean Cara
Religion in Conflict and Peacebuilding – Analysis Guide
Published: 2018 Author:Owen Frazer and Mark Owen
Broken Silence 2.0
Published: 2018 Author:wewillspeakout.us
Muslim Relations with Christians, Jews and Others
Published: 2018 Author:The Da'wah Institute of Nigeria
Learning Brief: Spiritual Support
Published: 2018 Author:Dr Olivia Wilkinson, Director of Research, JLI, and Amy Stapleton, JLI Research Assistant
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