The Resilience Hub completed it’s work in 2016.

Focus: building evidence for the activity and impact of Local Faith Communities in promoting individual and community resilience in humanitarian and disaster situations. Local Faith Communities (LFC) and faith groups providing aid and support to people in disaster, conflict and other humanitarian situations.


Alastair Ager Helen Stawski
Alastair Ager, Queen Margaret University,

Columbia University, and DFID

Formerly Islamic Relief

The Resilience Hub guided a scoping report on the question of evidence for LFC contribution to resilience. This surveyed what is already known about faith groups’ activities and contributions to this field. Alastair Ager and Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh ledl the report along with Helen Stawski and many practitioner and academic hub members.

Other Hub work:

Continuing Research: Refugee Hosts

The role of LFCs in building resilience among Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

Led by Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh (JLI Refugees & Forced Migration Co-Chair), with Alastair Ager of Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh and Columbia University (Co-I), Anna Rowlands of Durham University (Co-I) and Lyndsey Stonebridge of University of East Anglia (Co-I). This interdisciplinary and participatory research project is supported by a Large PaCCS Grant (£800,000) awarded by the AHRC-ESRC through the Global Challenges Research Fund.

The Refugee Hosts website is regularly updated with new information, blog posts and photography galleries, or follow project updates on Twitter @RefugeeHosts

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