Resources related to the global compacts and faith.

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Joint Recommendation on Draft of the Global Compact on Refugees’ Programme Of Action

This list will be continually updated as resources are collected from the JLI Refugee Hub Members and other relevant organizations:


Faith-based approach to implementation of the Global Compact on Refugees
Published: 2018Author:ACT Alliance, Catholic Relief Services, Jesuit Refugee Service/USA and Islamic Relief
Towards the Global Compacts on Migrants and Refugees 2018
Published: 2018Author:
UNHCR NGO Consultations: Faith-sensitivity in Humanitarian Response: Tools and Partnerships for Inclusion
Published: 2018Author:
Local Faith Community Responses to Displacement in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey: Emerging Evidence and New Approaches
Published: 2018Author:
Welcoming the Stranger: Affirmations for Faith Leaders
Published: 2013Author:
Marist Initiatives for the care of Migrants and Refugees
Published: 2017Author:Marist International Solidarity Foundation.
US Catholic Working Group Statement on Global Compacts
Published: 2018Author:US Catholic Working Group
Joint Recommendation on Draft of the Global Compact on Refugees’ Programme Of Action
Published: 2018Author:
JLI Refugees & Local Faith Communities Brief
Published: 2018Author:Olivia Wilkinson
Panel contribution to UNHCR Thematic Discussion on Global Compact Nov 2017, LWF (Michael French)
Published: 2017Author:Michael French, LWF
Proposals for a Global Compact on Refugees- WEA
Published: 2018Author:WEA Global Task Force on Refugees
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Published: 2017Author:
JLI Refugee Hub Scoping Study On Local Faith Communities In Urban Displacement
Published: 2017Author:Olivia Wilkinson and Joey Ager
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Published: 2016Author:Edited by Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Authored by Sharifa Abdulaziz, Omayma El Ella, Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Ellen Hansen, Elisabet Le Roux, Marie-Claude Poirier, José Riera-Cézanne, Helen Stawski, Olivia Wilkinson and Erin K. Wilson