IMA believes all people are children of God and thus deserve to lead healthy and productive lives. Their vision of health, healing, and well-being for all is based on the Christian call to serve one another. The founding members of IMA, Protestant Churches and church-based organizations, chose to be intentionally ecumenical to provide health services and to build healthy communities around the world. IMA focuses in areas of  health systems strengthening, partnerships, technical excellence, and organizational health.

IMA World Health is a member organization, founded by partners in 1960 and still powered by partnership today. IMA works with government entities, such as national and state ministries of health; churches, faith leaders and FBOs; Christian Health Associations in Africa; academic institutions; other international non-governmental organizations and community service organizations. As iron sharpens iron, so IMA and our partners strengthen each other to reach more people in need of health, healing and well-being.

IMA also leads the We Will Speak Out U.S. coalition, which unites 19 faith-based member organizations and more than 25,000 individuals who have pledged to speak out against sexual and gender-based violence.

Faith Affiliation: Interfaith

Key Facts: IMA World Health worked with 45 different partners—including 12 faith-based organizations and 20 local groups to meet our goals and pursue our common vision. IMA World Health is able to reach 46 million different beneficiaries within 6 different countries. IMA World Health is a nearly-60 years-old nonprofit that helps developing communities to overcome their public health challenges. IMA achieves its mission through permanent operations in six countries and its best resource, a diverse staff of around 400 people.

Humanitarian Standards: An agency with a legacy of local partnership, IMA World Health brings the best in public health science and practice to country and community leaders. Together, they serve the most vulnerable, striving to build lasting capacity and change in accordance with strict standards.

Statement of Faith Affiliation: IMA World Health enacts its work on behalf of 10 faith-based members. Together, we are driven by a vision of health, healing and well-being for all and inspired by our belief that all people are children of God and thus deserve to lead healthy and productive lives.

Click here for video of how IMA World Health is working toward an AIDS-free generation in Kenya.


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