About the Mobilisation of Local Faith Communities Learning Hub

The Mobilisation of Local Faith Communities Learning Hub convened in 2013 as the Capacity Building for Local Faith Communities Learning Hub and completed work in 2018. The Hub began through sharing across member organizations about work and current methods to engage and mobilize local faith communities. After member consultations, the Hub in 2014 created a Theory of Change.


Key Question: What mechanisms & methods are there for engaging and mobilising local faith communities in development and humanitarian aid?

Andrea Kaufmann, World Vision International

Director of Faith Partnerships

Catriona Dejean, Tearfund

Director of Strategy and Impact

Many thanks to Christo Greyling, World Vision International for his previous leadership in the Mobilisation of LFCs Hub.

Previous Hub Work

Theory of Change
A Theory of Change for Faith Group and Community Mobilization

After consultation with Mobilization of LFCs Hub, members suggested nine factors that predict change in capacity in a community:

  1. Personal transformation of faith leaders
  2. Using scripture as unlocking and key
  3. A combo of technical and practical and scripture
  4. Champions/ facilitators – trained and supported
  5. Local participation in analysis and monitoring
  6. Linkage w advocacy
  7. Intertwined envisioning by LFCs and communities
  8. Building momentum overtime – learning from others, showcasing, continual refreshment
  9. “Right” balance of local asset-based work with external support – harnessing existing community resources

Considering these factors, they created a Theory of Change to examine assumptions about what success looks like and how we contribute to change; and specifically analyzed the role of faith, drawing on any existing evidence base.

Read more about the Theory of Change model

Throughout the process, the members looked at both similarities and differences. The theory of change diagram captures the core underlying beliefs that the group hold in common. The narrative explains the diagram, detail and highlights areas of debate and the need for further learning and testing.


Background on Large-Scale Approaches to Local Faith Capacity Building

Examples from the JLI Mobilisation of LFCs Hub participating in large-scale approaches to Local Faith Communities Capacity Building:

  • 100,000 congregations  Umoja
  • Holistic Transformation people and communities
World Vision
  • Channels of Hope 175K FLs; reductions in stigma; increase in testing
Islamic Relief
  • Integrated development strategy starts with theology and focuses on the six purposes of religion: protection, faith, life, intellect, progeny (the future), wealth and human dignity. Dignity is at the center of the process and justice and rights are there to protect the purposes of faith
Samaritan’s Purse
  • $300 million 100 countries
Adventist Relief and Development
  • Community Partnerships Program in Papua New Guinea
Saddleback Church PEACE Plan
  • 600 churches in Rwanda
International Care Ministries
  • 5,000 local churches in the Philippines
Christian Aid
  • Brazil: Trains religious leaders in HIV AIDS awareness and prevention.
  • 400 Anglican Bishops Southern Africa



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