For full details about the JLI EVAC Hub call for case studies and interviews go to this page

JLI EVAC Hub call for interviews and case studies: A case study is a specific example of work from your organization or one of your partner organisations that highlights the role of religion and/or local faith communities in ending VAC.

Submissions should address the following questions:

  1. What evidence exists for the unique contributions that faith communities have made to EVAC?
    a) What evidence exists for contributions of faith communities to the elimination of violence against children?
    b) What evidence exists for the perpetuation of violence against children that faith communities have been involved in?
  2. What underlying beliefs and assumptions drive these unique contributions to EVAC as well as their contributions?
  3. To what extent and through what types of mechanisms are faith actors involved in formal and informal child protection systems?
Case study examples
  • Examples of local faith communities (LFCs) or FBOs working to end VAC. How have LFCs utilised their assets/networks/social capital/volunteer force to plan and implement their responses to VAC?
  • Examples of partnerships between local faith communities and the wider community formal or informal child protection systems. Are their instances of best practices for forming partnerships with local faith communities for VAC response?