The “Ethnographic Diaries: Self-Reflections on Decolonization and Faith” project is part of JLI Fair and Equitable Initiative. It brings together an impressive group of 12 individuals, including students, researchers, practitioners, theologians, faith actors, and members of civil society from around the world to engage in an experience of diary writing and sharing while reflecting on personal and professional encounters with decolonization and faith. The project runs from June 2022 to September 2022.

This project provides a non-conventional and creative way of articulating themes related to decolonization, power, and oppression in work aimed at bringing about social change, including but not limited to development, humanitarian and peacebuilding. Ethnography through diary studies works as an alternative research method that goes beyond traditional academic circles and approaches. It’s an opportunity for students, scholars, practitioners, theologians, and members of civil society to reflect from different positionalities based on their day-to-day encounters with decolonisation, power, and faith and dig deeper into how the different religious teachings and faith traditions can encourage resistance and decolonized practices.

How does it work?

Participants share regular short diary entries about the themes of the project. They meet one every month to read each other’s entries and discuss emerging and intersecting themes. 

This project is creative and personal at heart! Diary entries can be random thoughts and insights about the intersection of faith with concepts of decolonization, oppression, and power in the international humanitarian and development sector and beyond. Diaries can be shared via text, photographs, artwork, and any other format that participants choose.

Final Publication

The final output of the project will be discussed and designed with participants as the work progresses. We envision some kind of publication of the reflections, including art and other imagery, with the possibility of promoting it through a podcast/webinar.

READ THE FULL CONCEPT NOTE: Concept Note_Faith Dialogues Project_Self-Reflections on Decolonization and Faith

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: The idea of this project was inspired by “Ethnographic Diaries: Capturing the Everyday in Crisis” project implemented by the Arab Council for the Social Sciences in Lebanon.

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