Every year, at least one billion children experience violence – that’s half of the world’s children. The JLI Ending Violence Against Children (EVAC) Learning Hub seeks to increase the understanding of better practices for faith engagement in ending violence against children. 

The EVAC Hub provides a unique platform for a global network of academics, policymakers, and practitioners that are growing the knowledge and evidence-base of effective faith-based partnerships to prevent and end violence against children.

What does the JLI EVAC Hub do?

  • Research: the EVAC Hub regularly produces original resources, such as the comprehensive 2019 Scoping Study on faith involvement in preventing, eliminating and perpetuating violence against children.
  • Resources: the EVAC Hub also gathers and shares resources from other EVAC Hub Members in the resource library.
  • Events: the EVAC Hub hosts events, such as the Seen But Not Heard 2020 web events on faith actors and child participation.

Read more about the JLI EVAC Hub in this info brief here, or read the JLI EVAC Hub Terms of Reference for member expectations.

Join the EVAC Hub

Are you interested in collaborating on faith and ending violence against children? Joining the EVAC Hub is free for everyone. By joining the EVAC Hub, you will be able to connect and collaborate with a growing network of colleagues around the world. EVAC Hub members have regular opportunities to network, share resources and exchange experiences through regular meetings and events.

Join at the link below or please contact evac@jliflc.com.

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Hub Leadership


Carola Eyber, Queen Margaret University Silvia Mazzarelli, Arigatou International Andrea Kaufmann, World Vision International, Interim Chair Neelam Fida, Islamic Relief Worldwide


2020 Webinars:

Seen But Not Heard: A 3-Part Series to Lift Up Child Voices to End Violence (summary)

2021 Hub Plans:

The JLI Ending Violence Against Children Hub will be discussing how to deepen the conversations around faith and EVAC. We hope to have news about regional partnerships soon.