The Advisory Service on IHL (DP_JUR_CONSULT) contributes to institutional efforts aimed to support an environment conducive to the respect for the law, in particular international humanitarian law (IHL), by promoting universal acceptance of IHL treaties and the adoption of a comprehensive domestic legal framework to fulfil States’ obligations under these treaties and other relevant international norms.  Working worldwide through a network of legal advisers, the Service supplements and supports governments’ own resources by: encouraging and supporting adherence to IHL and related instruments; providing specialist advice and assistance to States as they adopt legal and administrative measures to give effect to their IHL obligations; and collecting and facilitating exchange of information between States on national IHL implementation laws and other measures adopted. It furthermore promotes and supports the work of committees on IHL established to facilitate the IHL implementation process.

The Advisory Service multifaceted approach includes an expertise in the main legal systems, i.e. common law, civil law, and Islamic law. In particular, the Advisory Service has developed in the recent years its capacity to understand the commonalities between IHL and the Islamic laws of armed conflict. Such expertise contributes to the ICRC’s work towards building a dialogue with different influential stakeholders, including governmental authorities, the judiciary, as well scholars and academic experts working on situations of armed conflict.

Working under the supervision of the legal adviser on IHL and Islamic law and jurisprudence, the associate supports all the IHL and Islamic law related activities of the Advisory Service. The associate is also expected to provide support to other colleagues in the Service, as necessary.

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Application Deadline: November 25, 2021

Start Date: March 1, 2022