Micah has close to 800 members from 93 countries equating to an enormous reservoir of expertise.
In order to be a blessing to one another, Micah invites members to submit a wide range of material
capturing theological reflection, principles and processes of application and good practice, case studies, research and outcomes. We encourage integration of theology and practice. Selected papers will be collated to form a consultation publication and nine spaces will be given to authors to present their paper in the Micah M-phatic sessions (this is like a TED talk). Topics raised will be reviewed and discussed, and may inform the next three years of thematic focus of Micah.

Please ensure relevance to the overarching Consultation theme: Integral Mission and Resilient Community- Addressing poverty, injustice and conflict


Types of Submissions:
1) Papers:

Words: No minimum up to Max 5,000
Full referencing and bibliography are expected, to normal academic standards.
Format: WORD (doc or docx) See Micah Style Guide if needed.
Front Submission Page must contain:

  • Title
  • Full name of author(s)
  • Email, Skype, Mobile:
  • Nationality
  • Context
  • Short biography (not more than 5 lines)
    – Organisation Name (if relevant)
    – Position in Organisation
  • Title of Paper
    – Rationale for Submission (brief paragraph)
    – Date Written
    – Has it been published elsewhere
    – Confirmation that Micah may publish online and elsewhere.
    Submission Deadline: 30th May 2018

2) Stories, Case Studies, Research Outcomes

We welcome summaries of research, histories, and case studies: maximum 2,000 words of text. Images and video may also be submitted. For videos – please send summary of length and rationale to [email protected]

3) Posters and Art Work

Display boards of A0 size will be set up at the Consultation for those wishing to put up ‘posters’
either of one sheet or a number of smaller sheets. Individuals or organisations wishing to display,
please submit your themes and a sample of the material to [email protected] by 31 July 2018
Note: They hope to take art work and turn it into a 2019 calendar.

4) Music

For song writers please send the mp3 version of your song for submission, or a link to the video
online. To submit please contact Linda Martindale: [email protected]

Full Call-for-Papers_Micah-Global-Consultation-2018

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